BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
authorsSet authors for each .tex fileAlexandre Belloni17 months
igep-framebufferIGEP framebuffer instructionsMichael Opdenacker9 months
marvell-armadaMerge branch 'master' into marvell-armadaMichael Opdenacker5 weeks
mastersysdev-buildroot: Fix the path to the tarball of the rootfsGregory CLEMENT10 hours
sysdev-xplainedsysdev-toolchain: Remove now unneeded patchAlexandre Belloni4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 hourssysdev-buildroot: Fix the path to the tarball of the rootfsHEADmasterGregory CLEMENT1-1/+1
10 hourssysdev-thirdparty: Explicitly ask to use speaker-testGregory CLEMENT1-3/+6
11 hourssysdev-u-boot: Download the U-Boot tarball instead of using gitGregory CLEMENT1-6/+5
11 hoursMakefile: add "make all" targetMichael Opdenacker1-0/+2
11 hoursAdd new make clean targetMichael Opdenacker1-1/+1
14 hourssysdev-u-boot: Don't use anymore the release candidate of U-BootGregory CLEMENT1-3/+3
16 hourssysdev-flash-filesystems: Don't write the DTB againGregory CLEMENT1-4/+4
31 hourssysdev-flash-filesystems: Fix offset to erase and ask to write the dtbGregory CLEMENT1-2/+5
31 hourssysdev-thirdparty: Add a clean up instruction between x86 and arm buildGregory CLEMENT1-2/+3
35 hoursBootloader lab: update rescue with bootstrap and U-boot for the XplainedGregory CLEMENT5-85/+0